Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

  • 4 Incredible Drone Uses

    Although most people think of drone use as a simple hobby, the fact of the matter, the usage of drones goes far beyond what most people associate with them. Read on and discover just a few ways drones are being used in novel and interesting manners. Private Environmental Compliance Although the FDA usually regulates any environmental compliances regarding how companies get rid or otherwise handle their waste, this may not be enough to ensure that such companies will abide by the laws set to regulate them.

  • Three Ideas About Understanding And Buying A Family Crest

    The old adage dictates that to know where you are going, you must know where you came from. Family pride is foundational and incredibly important to cultivating a sense of self, which lends to a person's sense of direction. With this in mind, acknowledging a family crest and commemorating it with family crest plaques is something that will instill this pride in your household and throughout the rest of your family.

  • Three Times Cash For Gold Can Get You Out Of A Bind

    If you have old jewelry hanging around the house, you can sell it to a gold buyer and make a little extra cash. You don't need a credit check, and there is no hassle to get the cash you need. Simply gather up the unwanted gold jewelry and other items around your home and visit a local gold buyer and you can walk out with the funds you need in minutes.

  • 3 Tips To Get More When Selling Your Gold

    If you are in a tight spot and are looking for some cash, or if you would otherwise like to get rid of your gold, you could be looking for the best way to sell it. You might have heard of some of the gold buyers who will allow you to send in your gold and who will then send you a check in the mail, and you might be thinking that this option is probably easiest.

  • Turning Your Basement into a Vacation Rental? Get Several Sets of Decorations to Put on Display

    People who purchase a home with a basement have lots of possibilities for using the space. It makes sense to turn the space into a recreational area or use it for storage, but you may be more interested in making it a vacation rental that allows you to generate some income from your own home. The first thing you will need to do is finish the basement, and then you will need to furnish it all.

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Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

After I became a mother, I realized that I was going to be spending quite some time shopping for supplies. I knew that when I wasn't getting groceries, I would likely be finding new clothes for my kids to wear and trying to find things for the house. Instead of spending loads of money on all of these shopping trips, I started trying to shop smarter, not harder. I started carefully evaluating things like price tags and sales, and it really made a big difference in our lives. This blog is all about saving money by buying the right things, and knowing how to avoid problems from overspending.