Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

  • Versatile Ways To Wear A Flowy, Button-Up Shirt

    So many shirts can be worn in one way, and that's it. Buying a one-style shirt may almost feel like a waste if you're someone who prefers more versatile clothing. Thankfully, there are shirt styles that can be worn more creatively and styled according to your preferences. Loose, flowy, button-up shirts are a good option for a versatile wardrobe, for example. Here are several ways you can wear them. As an extra layer on a chilly day.

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Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

After I became a mother, I realized that I was going to be spending quite some time shopping for supplies. I knew that when I wasn't getting groceries, I would likely be finding new clothes for my kids to wear and trying to find things for the house. Instead of spending loads of money on all of these shopping trips, I started trying to shop smarter, not harder. I started carefully evaluating things like price tags and sales, and it really made a big difference in our lives. This blog is all about saving money by buying the right things, and knowing how to avoid problems from overspending.