Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

The Benefits Of Adding Residential Exterior Lights To Your Home

Willie Shaw

Are you thinking about what addition you'd like to make to your house next? If you don't yet have residential exterior lights installed on your property, there are a number of reasons why you might want this to be your next move as a homeowner. Here's how adding additional lighting to the outside of your house can benefit your property and your family.

Boost Your Safety

If your particular street is not well-lit or if you live in an area of town with a higher rate of crime, you might be looking for additional ways to make your property feel as safe as possible for your family. Having exterior lights that automatically come on at night or specifically illuminate a key area like your driveway could provide you and your family with better peace of mind. You can park your car and walk to the door in a well-lit environment. You'll also be able to see more clearly when walking from the house to your car after the sun sets.

Add Curb Appeal

Exterior lighting can boost your family's safety but it can also boost your curb appeal. A spotlight that focuses on a certain part of your home's exterior or a set of lights that illuminates the entire house exterior equally can make your home look even better from the road than it already does. Additional residential exterior lighting can also add long-term property value to your house, making this not an expense but an investment that might pay off in the years to come if your house ever goes back on the market.

Spend More Time Outside

You could, of course, also put more exterior lights at the back of your house. This will make this part of your property feel safer as well, but it will also provide the illumination needed for your family to spend more time outdoors. If you have a patio or deck or even a swimming pool and want to be able to relax out there with the family after the sun sets, some new exterior lighting can create the perfect environment to allow you to take full advantage of your backyard. Take a soak in the outdoor hot tub on date night with your significant other or let the kids keep playing outside and pretend their backyard football game is being played in prime time under the lights.

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