Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

4 Incredible Drone Uses

Willie Shaw

Although most people think of drone use as a simple hobby, the fact of the matter, the usage of drones goes far beyond what most people associate with them. Read on and discover just a few ways drones are being used in novel and interesting manners.

Private Environmental Compliance

Although the FDA usually regulates any environmental compliances regarding how companies get rid or otherwise handle their waste, this may not be enough to ensure that such companies will abide by the laws set to regulate them. Enter the usage of drones. Private drone users can use airspace to regulate how companies are handling their dumping habits. For example, a drone with a center mounted camera can easily get an aerial shot of rivers where companies are suspected of dumping. This can provide the respective government agencies with a series of photos that were heretofore unavailable to them.

Journalistic Pursuits

Drones can be used in a variety of different journalistic settings these days. There are even university level courses where aspiring journalists learn to fly drones in the pursuit of catching a story. Among the reasons why a journalist might want to invest in drone include information gathering and the ability to provide camera shots to the public that were, up to this point, a mere pipe dream. There are even some individuals that believe that drones can be a great source of investigative journalism.

Disaster Relief

Although there was once a time when drones were generally portrayed in a highly negative light, many people are coming around to some of the definitively positive aspects of drone use. One of these uses is disaster relief. Zones that are considered disaster areas or radiation laden "hot zones" are generally not safe for humans to enter. However, this won't stop a drone from delivering much needed supplies and medicines to the victims stranded in these areas. They can also serve to deliver supplies to individuals in otherwise difficult to navigate locations.


Drones can help hunters determine if they should even bother with hunting on certain days. For example, a heat seeking camera can be attached to the drone, which can then be sent into potential hunting areas. If the results of the camera do not find any warm bodies that resemble the prey in question, then the hunter will not have to waste his or her valuable time on seeking out game that simply isn't present.

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