Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Promotional Miniature Flags — Customization Tips For Companies

Willie Shaw

If you're looking for a great promotional item to use for a new company, miniature flags are a great option. They can be used as indoor decor and thus help your company receive free promotion. If you plan to customize said flags, remember these insights.

Develop Designs Based on the Amount of Room That Flags Provide

Miniature flags will be small and thus have only so much room for marketing materials. As long as you work with the space that is provided, you can make sure your flag designs turn out great and help you market in an effective manner long-term.

You'll probably need to be selective with the elements you include on these flags, whether it's a company name, logo, or phrase. Just make sure you use a font that's easily readable and give each flag element room to breathe. Then your miniature flags' designs will come out a lot better.

Find a Skilled Printer

In order to take your designs and put them on promotional mini-flags for marketing purposes, you need to find a printer. Then you can ensure the flags' graphics come out great and ultimately hold up for a long time.

You just need to see which printing companies online accept miniature flags as a material and then verify their printing services are high-quality. There should be examples of promotional items they've customized in the past, so it shouldn't be hard to determine right away whether or not you've made the right choice.

Include Stands

Some people who receive these promotional miniature flags may want to display them on their desks. You can make this easy for them if you make sure these flags come with stands. The flags can then be propped up by them, making it easy to display these flags on any flat surface.

You just need to make sure these included stands are the right size and made from durable materials. Then these miniature flags should have all the support they need to hold up and continue to promote your company for free month after month.

If you want to hand out a creative promotional item and thus generate buzz for your company, miniature flags are a great idea. They don't cost much and can be fully customized. If you do plan to design them from scratch, make sure you think clearly about what will help these flags stand out the most.  

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