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Ways To Casually Wear Gothic Attire

Willie Shaw

If you love wearing your Gothic clothing and costumes at Renaissance Faires and festivals and other events, or on Halloween, you'll be happy to know that you can also bring that look into your everyday wardrobe. Although you may not think that Gothic pieces can look casual, there are plenty of ways that you can wear them on weekends and during your leisure time.

Gothic, otherwise known as "steampunk," rockabilly," or "alternative" style, is defined by its dark colors, including a lot of black and maroon, edgy accessories and details, and even intricate designs such as black lace or fishnet.

The key to giving your favorite Gothic clothing items a more casual look is pairing them with more mainstream pieces such as denim jeans or simple pencil skirts. You may choose to go head-to-toe black or lighten up your look with some pastel- or neutral-hued clothing, shoes, or accessories. 

Here are some ways that you can rock your signature Gothic style anytime: 

1. Skirts and Dresses 

If you style is more flirty and feminine, style your Gothic pieces with simple dresses or skirts for a look that's ideal for both work and play. As one idea, buy a simple, black, fitted dress featuring unconventional bell sleeves as a Gothic touch. Another Gothic-inspired feature you can look for on basic dresses is lace-up front details. 

For a slightly fancier look, go for a burgundy crushed velvet shirt dress, which you can pair with black leggings during the fall and winter months. Look for tank-style velvet dresses for spring and summer wear.

When it comes to skirts, you can either wear a simple and streamlined black pencil skirt with a bell-sleeve shirt, or choose a mini black tulle petticoat-style skirt. To keep the tulle skirt casual, pair it with a fitted white t-shirt or tank top to balance out the flared bottom.

2. Shirts

An easy way to give a basic pair of jeans or a denim skirt a Gothic twist is with a slightly edgy black lace corset top with bell sleeves, a t-shirt with skull and flower designs, or a flowy lace tunic, which will work well with more fitted bottoms. 

You can also wear a black lace tank top under a black cardigan sweater for a slight touch of Goth. 

3. Accessories 

The simplest way to work Gothic style into your everyday wear is with accessories. Wear a thick silver Celtic dragon cuff bracelet and a ring featuring a bedazzled skull design to add your own personal flair to a simple jeans-and-t-shirt ensemble.

Other Gothic-inspired accessories that you can wear with basic dresses or jeans include studded leather cuffs with skull or fleur-de-lis designs, spider-shaped earrings, and fishnet tights. 

Check out companies like Andromeda Of The Dark for more inspiration.


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