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Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

3 Fun Ways to Use Art to Liven Up a Child's Bedroom

Willie Shaw

Children are naturally enthralled by art. Nearly every child loves to draw, color, paint, and engage in any creative task that you put in front of them. Kids can be great art enthusiasts, and it can be a passion that you nurture in your child that endures throughout their life. Choose some beautiful children's art in custom picture frames to create fun themes for your kids' rooms. Here are three ways you can incorporate antiques and art to liven up a child's bedroom and enhance its fun factor.

Create a Secret Garden Haven

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a novel that has been beloved by children for generations, and the many film adaptations are also revered. Bring a secret garden to life in your child's bedroom, and they can live that wonder every day. Talk to a company like Hoosier Highlander about making a custom picture frame that will enhance floral art. You may even choose a print from Monet. Floral art is a perfect choice to add sophistication and beauty to the secret garden in your child's room. It brings the beauty and wonder of an outside flower garden into the great indoors in a way that enhances that aesthetic appeal. You may also opt to include antique floral curtains or floral tapestry into the garden theme for a fun and old-fashioned look.

Make a Fun-Spirited Puppy Paradise

If your little one loves animals – and what child doesn't? – they will adore a room that is transformed into a puppy paradise. You may use art created by canine-loving artists to make the room cute and whimsical, then choose a customized frame for it. You may even opt to have a work of art commissioned of your child's own dog to use in the room. Buy puppy-themed cloth that you can use for blankets or sheets, and you may choose to decorate with prints and other festive art. Pair this fun puppy art with puppy-themed antiques for a truly fun and unique combination that is sure to enthrall little ones.

Find the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Children are perhaps best at turning typical moments into special ones that you cherish in a way that you may not have imagined before parenthood. Honor that natural inclination that children have by hanging art that captures how extraordinary a moment can be. Place quotes that capture the wonder of childhood and use still-life art from artists such as Eve Plumb to showcase how special simple moments can be. Frame this art in beautiful frames that match your child's bedroom decor. It will remind your child to savor the beauty that they see all around them each day. The same is true for antiques that showcase the extraordinary in the ordinary, such as a vase with a simple design or an old stereo that can also work as a toy chest.

Finally, art is a universal way of communicating, and it can speak volumes about joy and fun when used in these ways. Keep in mind that art chosen for a kids' room can be enjoyed by people of all ages. You may choose art for both your child's room that you also want to place elsewhere in your home or give as gifts to adults.


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