Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

3 Tips For Designing Your Child's Superhero Costume

Willie Shaw

Dressing up as Superman or Batman on Halloween might get your kid an honorable mention in his or her school's costume contest, but if your child wants to win, you have to go above and beyond. You can help your child create a superhero costume that will blow the other children's store bought costumes out of the water. To help you and your child with designing a costume that is right for him or her, here are some design tips.  

Remember Functionality

Although the idea is to create a spectacular superhero costume that your child will shine in, you also want to ensure that it is functional. A costume that is too ornate might seem unrealistic. At the same time, a costume that is too tight will restrict your child's movements and prevent him or her from enjoying the experience.  

You also have to consider design flaws that could make the costume unsafe for your child. For instance, if the cape is too long, your child could trip or the cape could get caught in a door.  

Do Not Forget the Accessories

A plain superhero costume is no better than a store bought one. Designing your child's superhero costume with him or her gives both of you a chance to amp it up. As a result, your child's costume needs accessories.  

Standard accessories, such as belts and shades, can be bright colors or decorated with jewelry or other items to make them pop. If your child is planning to wear a cape, make sure the colors of it help to enhance the costume. The colors you choose can make a statement. For instance, purple is a typically linked with royalty. To save time, you can order a custom cape from a company that specializes in them. Check out online retailers like to browse capes.

Avoid Fad Designs

It might be tempting to design your child's superhero costume around a fad, but you could run into a problem. Instead of your child's costume appearing to be iconic, it could take on a gimmicky look.  

There is also the potential issue of the fad fading away before your child has a chance to wear the costume. In today's world, what is popular can change from day to day, and, by Halloween, your child's costume could be seen as played out.  

Keep your child involved in the design of his or her superhero costume. By doing so, you can tap into his or her creativity and design a costume that the other kids will be talking about for months. 


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