Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Display Your Vintage Or Cherished Jewelry—Without Wearing It!

Willie Shaw

Clean out your jewelry and pull the pieces that you don't often wear, that are out of style, or that are damaged in some way. Put these aside to make a unique project that will give you a whole new appreciation for your old jewelry. Plus, this gives you the perfect excuse to buy yourself something new!

Some ways to display jewelry pieces in a clever way are:

Jewelry floral arrangement. There are many online tutorials regarding how to make a floral arrangement or bouquet from old jewelry. Some brides even use these techniques to make a one-of-a-kind bridal bouquet for their wedding! Consider accenting arrangements of fresh flowers or potted plants with eye-catching pins or pendants that have been wired to floral pics.

Christmas tree trims. Show off your favorite jewelry by carefully threading a ribbon or wire through the piece to hang on your holiday tree. You can also wire your favorite broaches, pendants, or earrings to a plain balsam wreath for a sophisticated spin on tradition. Consider giving some of your creations to family or friends for a thoughtful keepsake this Christmas.

Framed jewelry art. If you want to show off your jewelry year-round, consider making some framed jewelry art from your unwanted necklaces, bracelets, and broaches. You can also use broken or damaged pieces, including single earrings or segments of chain.

To make your own unique framed jewelry art:

  1. Frame a piece of velvet or other fabric by pulling it taut over cardboard and securing in the frame. You won't need the glass so make sure to remove it from the frame first.
  2. Organize and sort your jewelry and identify where you will glue each piece. Lay them out in your desired pattern before you begin to glue.
  3. Use chains or strands of beads to create an outline, if you wish. This works very well when creating a tree-shaped motif to use during the holiday season.
  4. Use dots of hot glue to secure the pieces to the framed velvet. If you make a mistake or need to move something, wait for it to cool and the glue should easily and cleanly pull away from the framed fabric.
  5. After your piece is finished and completely cooled-off, snip and remove any threads of glue that remain or that are hanging from your artwork.
  6. Hang on a wall or prop on a shelf for a year-round accent item!

Give old or damaged jewelry a new life by creating one of these three projects. Clean out your older pieces and start collecting enough jewelry for these simple ideas. Visit pawn brokers or jewelry stores, such as Maine Pawn Shop, to find specific and distinctive pieces to add to your creation.


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