Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

The Farmhouse Holiday: Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas

Willie Shaw

If you're hoping to move toward a more rustic decorating theme this Christmas, you'll need unique decorations with a country flair. Here are some more unconventional decorating ideas that can really reflect the rustic, country style. 

1. The bucket stand.

Instead of using a typical tree stand for your Christmas tree, use an old washtub, a large galvanized steel bucket, or another distressed metal container to hold the tree instead. To make this tree decorating style even more rustic, opt to cut a tree from a rural area instead of purchasing a tree from a farm. Farmed trees have full, lush branches and rich coloring, but wild trees have a more natural look with wide gaps and smaller needles. 

2. Choose the right ornaments.

Instead of buying basic glass balls and twinkle lights from your local store, think outside the box when it comes to ornaments. Use burlap runners instead of ribbons. Choose tree decorations that have been cut from old tin in the shapes of farm stars or gingerbread men. Use rustic farmhouse colors like cottage blue, bold red, and clean white. Steer away from more commercialized decor styles like glossy glass or glitter. Finish the look with some homemade decor. Use popcorn and cranberry strands instead of regular garlands, hang pine cones, carved birds and deer, and used baked cinnamon ornaments as a finishing touch. 

If you're going to have a tree skirt, use some old burlap or a white and red checkered tablecloth. Wrap presents in brown paper, newspaper, or plaid or flat colors. Use twine instead of traditional wired ribbon, and cut tags from old brown bags. 

3. Make the ordinary into the extraordinary.

A working farmhouse would not have had the luxury of keeping Christmas decorations stored away just for use a few weeks out of the year. During the years of the first American farmhouses, a simple tree and few handmade decorations were enough. You can hearken back to these old times by using ordinary items as your winter decor. For example, instead of hanging fake green garlands, invest in fresh pine boughs. Hang ice skates or paper snowflakes. Use knitted or quilted stockings instead of flat-sewn ones. Use seasonal fruits, like oranges and cranberries, to fill centerpieces. Fill candy dishes with simple red and white striped candies, and hang small packages on the tree. 

For more ideas on unique Christmas ornaments, contact a local supplier. 


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