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What To Expect From A Concealed Carry Handgun Training Class

Willie Shaw

It's hard to generalize about what you will be required to do to receive your Concealed Carry Permit. This is because every state in the U.S. has different requirements. If you live in a state that requires a concealed carry handgun training class, you may be nervous about attending. However, most people that have attended these classes come out of them saying that not only did they learn a lot, but they also had loads of fun.

Concealed carry training classes typically last a full day. Let's take a look at what you may find in class:


It's important to know the local handgun laws, and most concealed carry classes require that a certain amount of legal information is covered. You will learn things such as:

  • Where your state prohibits the carrying of handguns by concealed carry handgun permittees.
  • Legal definitions pertaining to handguns and their use.
  • What deadly force is and when, if at all, it can be used.
  • Laws about minors and guns.

You will learn about these and any other pertinent laws for your state.

Different Handguns

You will learn about the different types of handguns and how they differ. Your instructor may have a variety of guns there for you to hold and examine.


Handgun safety isn't something to be taken lightly. You will probably learn things such as:

  • The proper way to hold a gun.
  • Safe loading and unloading of different types of guns.
  • How to safely take apart and clean a handgun.
  • Different kinds of storage boxes, cabinets, and safes.
  • Gun safety when there are children in the house.
  • Ammunition safety.

Written Test

In order to complete your training class, you will have to pass a written test. The test will cover the information you learned that day. Your instructor may let you use your notes.

Live Fire Training

Not all states require live training, but you may want to try to find a class that does offer it. You may or may not be required to pass a live fire test.

You will likely learn marksmanship fundamentals such as:

  • Proper grip
  • Proper stance
  • Sight alignment
  • Trigger control
  • Follow-through
  • Breath control
  • Shooting rhythm


Upon completing your concealed carry handgun class, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. States that require a training class will want you to bring the certificate when you apply for your permit.

Make sure you contact your local city hall to find out the exact details about obtaining a Concealed Carry Permit. For more information, talk to a business like Chauncey's Pawn & Gun.


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