Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Remember Your Time In The Tropics With Some Clever Keepsakes

Willie Shaw

A trip back from a tropical vacation can be a bit of a disappointment, and souvenirs can remind you of the fun and festivities long after you return home. Bring back items from tropical locales that will echo the times, adventures, and activities that you enjoyed on your journey. Shop carefully and find souvenirs that you will enjoy later on without wasting your money on typical tchotchkes.

Some souvenirs to cherish from your vacation include:

Beach in a jar. A great way to remember and recollect the fun you had on vacation is with a beach-jar. Designate a large-mouth mason jar for your project and layer in shells, sand, or stones from each destination that you visit. Use a self-adhesive label on the outside near the layer with the name of the beach, city, or state that you visited and the date the souvenirs were collected; add to this jar each time you travel to a new spot.

Culinary keepsakes. When visiting tropical regions, like Hawaii, you will likely enjoy food that is not commonplace at home. Why not bring back the flavors of your holiday with some local spices and seasonings? While produce is typically prohibited when leaving destinations like Hawaii, you certainly can buy a couple jars of authentic spices to add to your own cooking, or that you may choose to feature in a meal for friends back home.

Ocean-inspired wreaths. Another great souvenir idea is to create your own ocean-inspired wreath to hang on your door to welcome friends and to remind you of your tropical getaway. Start with a simple grapevine or foam wreath, and wrap it in a wide blue ribbon that reminds you of the color of the Pacific Ocean. Use a hot-glue gun to secure shells, trinkets, and even postcards to the façade and hang on the door for a keepsake of your tropical vacation.

Tropical treats. When you think of tropical vacation destinations, think about the sweet treats that are popular in that region. For instance, Hawaii is often associated with coconuts, which happen to be one of their major exports to the rest of the world. Enjoy chocolate dipped coconut patties and bring some home for neighbors, friends, and coworkers.

Bring back the memories of your tropical vacation with a few souvenirs that remind you of your trip. Consider these souvenir suggestions for items that you will enjoy long after your vacation has ended, and that you might share with others at home later. For more information, contact Marue & Gertz Ltd or a similar company.


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