Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Tips On Choosing And Caring For Earbuds

Willie Shaw

If you have a lot of electronics, chances are that you probably either want or have at least one pair of earbuds. Earbuds are useful with everything from computers to Mp3 players. Chances are that you've gone through more than one pair as well, and may have come across a few that didn't work well or seem to break in only a few months. Finding good earbuds which last may require a little research and some extra care so that you can get the best ones for you.

Picking out earbuds:

Some of the things to look for when it comes to earbuds is price, frequency response and impedance.

  • Price: Generally, the higher the price, the higher the quality of the sound, so if it's important that you have the clearest sound and best bass, then you will probably do better with a higher-end earbud.
  • Frequency response: Frequency response has to do with the ability to play a range of sounds clearly. It is measured in hertz (Hz) and the higher the Hz, the better the high frequency sounds will sound to you. If you want a deeper base, then you want earbuds that also have a low response.
  • Impedance: Impedance refers to electrical resistance. Usually, higher impedance means a clearer sound, but that usually applies to electrical devices plugged into the wall. With portable devices, lower impedance may be better because sounds tend to be more muffled with high impedance with battery-operated devices.

A final consideration, sensitivity, is not much an indication of quality, but of personal preference. The higher the sensitivity, the louder the sound capabilities. If you like your music loud, then you will want more sensitivity. Just be aware that there are health hazards to excessively loud music.

Caring for your earbuds:

Earbuds should last a long time if they are properly cared for. Some of the ways that you can extend their life include:

  • Use a special case: Keep them protected by buying and carrying a special earbud case. Don't carry them balled up in your pocket as they can easily tangle.
  • Roll your earbuds: Roll the earbuds up carefully in a loose circle, but never wrap them tightly around your device. Also, disconnect your earbuds from your device when you're not using them.
  • Clean them often: Clean off the earpieces regularly and have their coverings replaced frequently. It will also help if you clear your ears out as earbuds can compact wax in the ear canal. Also, don't share them with friends.

  • Limit exposure to heat or moisture: As with any electrical device, never get your earbuds wet and don't get them too close to heat. Another tip is to keep them away from anything else that is magnetic.

Earbuds are great for listening to music and other sounds on your devices without having to wear large headphones. They are very portable and are easy to store and carry provided you take a couple of precautions. Knowing what to look for when buying them from an electronics wholesaler and keeping them well cared for will mean that your earbuds will work well for a long time.


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