Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

4 Tips For Buying The Perfect Fireplace Screen

Willie Shaw

Purchasing a fireplace screen is definitely ideal for anyone with a wood burning fireplace. This is because the screen prevents the ashes and sparks from flying out onto the carpet or furniture. Instead, it keeps it contained, which also makes cleaning up after having a fire in the fireplace much easier. Here are four tips to ensure that you buy the perfect fireplace screen for your home:

  1. Measure the Fireplace: The first thing you are going to want to do is to measure the fireplace. Doing this is going to ensure that you purchase the right size fireplace screen based on the opening of your fireplace. Purchasing a screen that is too large can take away from the beauty of the fireplace while buying one that is too small doesn't provide as much protection from smoke, ashes, and other debris from escaping. However, it is recommended that the fireplace screen at least just outs about an inch more on all sides to help secure all debris inside. 
  2. Choose a Style: Fireplace screens don't have to be just black. You can choose for them to have a different finish, such as bronze. The finish should be a dark color though so that the smoke and ashes that get stuck on it over time are not so noticeable. You can also choose a screen that comes in many different designs. The netting can either move diagonally, horizontally, vertically, or even be in diamond like shapes. Whatever you choose, it should be fitting with the design of your fireplace. 
  3. Consider Shape: Many homeowners fret over their choice in a fireplace screen if it has an arch at the top. Keep in mind that the screen doesn't necessarily have to be the same shape. You can still have it as a square shape even with the arch at the top. You can even choose a screen that is arched even if your fireplace is a square shape. 
  4. Ability to Open and Close: If you want to adjust the screen often, it's important to purchase one that  has handles that make this easy to do and one that opens and closes swiftly. This way, when you want to adjust it, you don't have to worry about it breaking or being too difficult, which is especially dangerous if you currently have a fire going on.

When you follow these four tips for buying a fireplace screen, you can be sure that the one that is chosen can last you for years to come.


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