Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

3 Creative Touches to an Outdoor Nighttime Wedding and Reception

Willie Shaw

When planned just right, a wedding can be an event filled with the spark of romance and lifelong memories for everyone in attendance. Bring on the backdrop of the outdoors at night, with stars hanging overhead and obvious romantic appeal, and you could easily have a wedding that no one will ever forget. If you are in the process of making plans for your outdoor nighttime wedding and reception, you should know that the key to the best impressions comes along with good planning and having the right supplies. There are a few things you should check out at an equipment rental store that will make all the difference. 

1. Movie Projector—Take your wedding ceremony or reception to an entirely different level by giving guests in attendance something to focus on during downtimes—a movie screen. You can either rent an actual projector screen that works well outdoors or you can create a makeshift projector screen with a large white sheet. Pick up a projector at the rental store and you can stream media, whether it is personal videos of the bride and groom, pictures of the happy couple, or snapshots from the family, right onto the screen. Your guests will love the idea that you have given them an added layer of entertainment at the wedding. 

2. Dance Floor Lighting—Who would want to miss dancing under the stars at a nighttime wedding reception? It hardly gets more romantic than that, so make sure your outdoor dance floor is complementary to the occasion by adding the best lighting. Traditional strobes and disco balls are always good options, but there are so many other lighting choices for dance floor setups, such as roped perimeter lighting, spotlights, and colorful mood lighting. 

3. Portable Fire Pits—Add a touch of passionate flames to your wedding at night by implementing fire in some way. This is an easy feat if you have portable fire pits to situate at the venue. Fire pits can be rented for reasonable prices at just about any tool rental store that boasts party supplies, and there are an array of different styles to choose from. Propane gas-fueled fire pits are ideal because they burn cleanly and efficiently; however, you could just as well go with something that is designed to burn wood outdoors, such as an outdoor wood stove with a decorative appearance. 

Keep these ideas in mind as you plan your outdoor wedding. 


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