Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

3 Ways To Find The Perfect Comforter Set

Willie Shaw

If you are looking for a new comforter set for your room, you may be concerned about how to find the perfect one. It's never fun to bring home a new comforter set only to find that it does not match the decor in your bedroom. Here are a few ways to help ensure that your comforter set is exactly what you want before you purchase it:

Take along a swatch.

You won't be able to take your room to a store, but you can certainly take along a color swatch of the paint color. One of the best ways to ensure that you find the right set is to match the color of your room to that of your new comforter. Matching does not necessarily mean that the comforter has to have a dominant color that is exactly the same as your wall color. Instead, the hues of your comforter should complement your wall color. 

For instance, if your wall is brightly toned, you may want to stay within the same color family, but look for a set that has tones that have been muted by grays. Likewise, if your wall color is softened by gray tones, you can look for a similar but brighter color for your comforter. Mixing the soft with the loud can create balance and help ensure that your room does not overwhelm your senses each time you enter. Remember that you'll want it to remain a restful state in your bedroom instead of being overstimulated by your color palette.

Think of your favorite things.

Since a bedroom is such a personal space, you may want to look for a comforter that displays your favorite things. If you love sunflowers or even Yorkshire terriers, there is likely a comforter set that displays those images. Still, for a refined look, ensure that the busyness of a strong pattern is paired with solids. Little terriers covering your comforter, fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow shams and bed skirt can seem extreme.

If all else fails, go white.

White comforter sets offer a clean, crisp, airy feeling. In addition, the toneless color works well with any wall color. If you choose white and still want a splash of color, add a few colorful throw pillows to your bed.

If you are shopping for the perfect comforter set, visit a linen store in your area that specializes in bedding. You are certain to find many different sets to choose from. To learn more, visit a website like


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