Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Picking Flowers For A Hospital Patient

Willie Shaw

If you have a friend in the hospital who is recovering from an illness or surgical procedure, you may have thought about sending a flower arrangement to their room to help them realize you are thinking about them as they are healing. Flowers are a thoughtful get-well-soon gift that will be appreciated by the recipient and anyone who goes to the hospital to visit them. Here are a few points to consider when selecting the perfect arrangement.

Bigger Is Not Better

When choosing an arrangement, stick with something on the smaller side. Often a hospital patient is limited in the amount of space they have to display their gifts. It can be difficult for your friend to place their used food trays, books, or other personal belongings if a larger plant is using up counter space. A smaller arrangement can be placed in a corner or at the end of a shelving unit in an area that can be seen from your friend's bed.

Low-Maintenance Is Key

Pick a flowers that have woody stems such as azaleas, roses or lilacs. These require a lot less maintenance, making it easier for nurses to care for them while your friend is in the hospital. Instruct your friend to have the nurse cut the stems at an angle and to make a small half-inch cut upward toward the bloom to help water get inside the stem easily. If there are any leaves under the waterline, they should be removed immediately to help keep bacteria out of the water.

Consider Health Issues

When picking a flower, think about both your friend and their guests in terms of health risks. Instead of having a florist deliver the flowers, take them in on your own so you can take time to inspect the arrangement for any grime or insects that could spread in the hospital room. Gently remove the flowers from the vase and rinse them well before bringing them to the hospital to ensure no bacteria is brought along with your gift.

Even if your friend is not allergic to flowers, their guests or caretakers may be. Stick with blooms where the pollen is enclosed within the petals, such as roses, chrysanthemums, or carnations. If you are unsure about what type of flowers your friend may be allergic to, consider purchasing houseplant in a trendy flowerpot instead. This will be appreciated for longer than cut flowers and gives the benefit of oxygen being emitted into the air.

Speak with a local florist for more help.


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