Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Shopping Smarter, Not Harder

Fun Ideas For Adding Ambiance To Your Patio

Willie Shaw

Your patio is a great transitional space, a place where outdoors and indoors blend. There are so many activities you can do on your patio, such as lounge, cook out, watch the kids play, and entertain guests. Speaking of entertaining, when you're hosting guests, you probably want your space to have a different ambiance from when you're playing with the kids. Add décor touches to your patio to create a fun ambiance in your outdoor space.

Add Tea Light Candle Holders

One method for producing a cozy ambiance on your patio is by setting up meeting spots. Group seating together to encourage conversation. To create cozy appeal, light these areas separately. For instance, place two or three candle lanterns on a table or shelf nearby. Alternatively, consider hanging tea light candle holders. Before guests arrive, light the candles. The flickering light adds a charming touch to your party.

Install a Fire Pit

Another way to add flickering light—as well as heat—to your outdoor entertaining is with a fire pit. A fire pit provides a conversation spot.  Your options range from tabletop fire bowls to large bonfire installations. If your patio is small, consider a portable fire pit that you only slide out when needed. Otherwise, have the fire pit installed in a corner with enough room for seating to surround it. Choose a material that complements the façade of your home and the rest of your patio.

Include an Outdoor Fountain

Ambiance isn't just about looks. If you want to create a serene ambiance on your patio, install an outdoor fountain. The water music provides a soothing backdrop to any activity. As a bonus, it also helps cover street or neighbor sounds. If space is an issue, select a wall fountain. Otherwise, opt for a pretty standalone fountain that serves as a focal point of your patio. For a naturalistic profile, surround the water fountain with lush plants.

Wrap Strand Lights around Rails

For a more party atmosphere, consider wrapping strand lights around the patio rails. No longer the by-product of the holidays, strand lights come in different styles, including fun summer shapes. Wrap these around your railing, and plug them into an outlet connected to a switch for ease of lighting. As a bonus, the strand lights help delineate the space of your patio, adding a measure of safety in the dark.

Utilize décor such as hanging tea lights and outdoor water fountains to create ambiance for your outdoor entertaining.


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